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Zipit® Now™ TS Nationwide 2-way Wireless Messaging Device w/3 month service plan included
Zipit® Now™ TS Nationwide 2-way Wireless Messaging Device w/3 month service plan included
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Do you activate Pagers?  Can I activate my own pager?
All prices listed are the "out the door" price and include the cost of the pager AND the base service.

 DirectPage Special Pager Offers

Get Paged on Your Cell Phone!

Get paged directly on your cell phone eliminating the need to carry a separate pager while still retaining the privacy and urgency that a pager offers.

Ask us about how you can get paged on your cell phone and not have to carry a separate pager.

Do you own an Apple iphone?

 Sign up for our Virtual Paging Super Special for iphone 

Now compatible with the Apple Watch!


June Pager Super Deals

Choose a Pager for just a Penny when you...

Prepay 1 year of local 1-way numeric paging service starting at

just $143.40 per year!

 Save even more with our 2 year service plan...

Choose our 2 year prepaid 1-way numeric pager service plan starting at just $238.80. 

Pagers are programmed with local numbers and coverage for the area that we are shipping to unless you instruct us otherwise.

 (Scroll Down This Entire Page to See All of Our Pager Specials)

Column A Column B Column C

 DirectPage Super Specials  
Super Specials
   Our best deals of the season are here!
Click on the "buy now" button below to view 

 Motorola Advisor Elite Flex Pager w/annual alpha service plan selected 
Our Most Popular Word Pager
 Motorola Advisor Elite Flex Pager w/annual alpha service plan included

 Motorola Express Extra Twin Pack 
Buy a set and save even more!
 Motorola Express Extra Twin Pack w. annual service plan included

 Motorola Express Extra w/ Annual Service Plan Selected 
Our Loudest & Easiest to use pager!
 Motorola Express Extra w/ Annual Service Plan included 

 Motorola Express Extra w/ Bi-Annual Service Plan Selected 
Prepay 2 years @ just $9.95/month!
 Motorola Express Extra w/ 24 Month Service Plan included 
 Motorola LS350 Twin Pack 
Buy a set and save even more!

 Motorola LS350 Twin Pack with annual service plan included

 Motorola LS350 with Annual Service Plan Selected 
Our Most Popular Top Display Pager!
 Motorola LS350 with Annual Service Plan included 

 Motorola LS350 with Bi-Annual Service Plan Selected 
Prepay 2 years @ just $9.95/month!
 Motorola LS350 with 24 Month Service Plan included 

 Motorola LS550 Numeric Pager w/ Bi-Annual Service Plan Selected 
Prepay 2 years @ just $9.95/month!
 Motorola LS550 Numeric Pager w/ 24 Month Service Plan included

 Motorola LS750 Numeric Pager w/ Bi-annual service plan 
Prepay 2 years @ just $9.95/month
 Motorola LS750 Numeric Pager w/ 24 Month service plan included 

 Motorola LS750 Numeric Pager w/annual service plan 
Our Most Popular Side Display Pager!
 Motorola LS750 Numeric Pager w/annual service plan included

 Motorola LS750 Twin Pak 
Buy a set and save even more!
 Motorola LS750 Twin Pak with annual service plan included

Easy Online Ordering 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

Contact us by phone at 1-800-908-2337 if you have any questions.

Phone Support Open 10am to 7pm eastern time Monday through Friday 

 DirectPage phone support will be CLOSED Tuesday, July 4th 2017 for lndependence Day

Have a question or service issue while phone support is closed?  Use the "contact support" link in the top menu.

 • Free Shipping Available  • Free Activation

 •  Free Maintenance Plan Included

 •  Free Bonus Month of Service when your order any 12 month or 24 month prepaid offer online

Additional Offer:  Trade In your old pager and get an additional 3 months of service FREE when you purchase any 1-way pager with an annual service plan.

Need to make a quick payment to Directpage?  Click Here  

  Need Pagers for your group, company or organization?

Group Pager Discounts available...If you have a need for 5 or more pagers...Call our Group Sales Department toll free at:

1-800-908-2337 ext 717

Need multiple pager phone numbers ringing to one pager or one pager number ringing to multiple pagers?  Special programming requests are our specialty!

 The Zipit® critical messaging solution is the next step in wireless messaging.

Paging ♦ Texting ♦ Email


 • Largest coverage area in the USA  • Fastest Delivery time for sent and received messages/pages

Our only messaging device that works on a 3g data network as well as Wi-Fi and the only device that takes the uncertainty out of whether a message was actually received and read by the holder.

Click Here to Order!

The Zipit® Now™TS Nationwide Wireless Messaging Device for critical messaging

Just $29.95/month for Unlimited Nationwide Messaging

♦ Nationwide 2-Way Paging with message confirmation ♦ Unlimited Text Messaging ♦ Nationwide Numeric Paging

♦ VoiceMail Capable ♦ Authorized Email Messaging Capable

♦ Confirmed messaging means there is no guessing if a page or message was received or read

Local and Toll Free Pager Phone numbers available ♦ Existing DirectPage Pager Phone numbers are transferrable for numeric paging and voicemail purposes.

Updates your contact list via wireless across all devices on your account ♦ Software Updates completed via Wireless

♦ Virtual Paging App for Android and Iphone Available ♦ Group Paging Option

Works Nationwide in areas that traditional pagers may not receive utilizing one of America's Largest Wireless Data Networks along with Wi-Fi and has an available HIPAA compliant web interface

With 1 way paging, you never are 100% sure if your recipient received a page, with the Zipit® Now™, every message must be confirmed so that there is no question whether the page, text or email was received and read by the recipient.

 Think of the possibilities!


 DirectPage Virtual Paging Service

Get Paged on Your Cell Phone!

DirectPage Virtual Paging Service

Do you have a cellphone with email or texting capability?  

Forget about buying a separate pager!

 Activate our Virtual Paging Service and get all the benefits of a pager without carrying one...


Click Here for Complete Details or Click on the icons below to Order Online Right Now! 



The above images are actual screen shots of the iphone pager app displaying a pager alert on the home screen, the screen shot on the left shows a page that just came in, the screen shot on the right shows the reminder screen in the event you didn't check the page.  Sign up for DirectPage Virtual Paging online today and if you have an iphone, download the pager app for full functionality.

 "In the world of paging, The DirectPage Virtual Paging Service is basically the next best thing since sliced bread, I especially like the fact that I now can get paged nationwide at no extra cost, Thanks for recommending this service!" - Dr. M. Fisher

"Finally, The privacy and urgency of a pager service with it's own phone number without needing two devices on my belt, THANK YOU so much for offering this service" - L. Johnson

" Cell Phone Pager - Just wanted to let you know that I am loving the convenience of your virtual paging service.  I've been using it for two weeks now since I converted over from carrying both a pager and a blackberry.  Thank you!"  T.  Rosenstein


Same Day Activation if ordered by 6pm eastern time.

(orders received after 6pm, weekends and holidays will be processed the next business day)

Service Annual 

Service Monthly 

Service Quarterly 


Need more than one virtual pager?  Quantity discounts are available!

Existing DirectPage Customers:  You may switch to Virtual Paging while keeping your existing DirectPage Pager Phone number.

 Click Here to convert your existing DirectPage Pager Phone Number to Virtual Paging Service.

Own an Apple Iphone?

 There's a pager app for that!

 Ring your Directpage Virtual Pager Service to the app's 7 digit pin

 Have an Iphone?  Get the pager app from AMC Logic, LTD (free 30 day trial) at the Apple App Store and then sign up for Directpage virtual paging service and ring your Virtual pager phone number to the pager app 7 digit number.  Works Great as your iphone will become your new pager!


 DirectPage Information and Specials

Need More Than One Pager?  Click Here for our Twin Pack Offers!

Bulk Purchasing Programs with Special Rates are available.  If you would like Directpage to quote you on your bulk purchase requirements, please contact Directpage Group Sales at:

1-888-236-8320 ext 717

  Already have your own pager and want to reconnect it?

  Click here for complete information.

Directpage Special Bonus

Order any DirectPage Pager with an annual prepaid service plan and choose either Custom VoicePrompt or Junior Voicemail at no additional charge!  Both options also feature Numeric Retrieval FREE!

(details on these special bonus options are featured on our rate plan information link at the top of this page)

Numeric Pagers with Quarterly Service Specials

Need a pager but don't want to prepay a year of service in advance?... Choose from our most popular pagers starting at just $19.95 when you prepay three months of service in advance, plus get a bonus month FREE when you order online! 

 DirectPage Numeric Pagers with Quarterly Prepaid Service Plan Selected
 Bravo 500 w/quarterly service plan selected 
 Bravo 500 w/quarterly service plan selected 
Bravo 500

 Motorola LS350 with Quarterly Service Plan Selected 
 Motorola LS350 with Quarterly Service Plan Selected 

 Bravo 502 w/ Quarterly Service Plan Selected 
 Bravo 502 w/ Quarterly Service Plan Selected 


 DirectPage Pager Swap Hotline

  Do you need to swap out a lost, stolen or damaged pager with a spare pager that we previously sent you? 

  Use our convenient 24 hour automated pager swap line.

Simply call 1-800-908-2337 ext 735 to swap out your pager over the phone.

Who still uses pagers and why?

Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and Medical Personnel...Urgency and Privacy

Real Estate Management Companies... Much less expensive to contact real estate maintenance staff and much less expensive to replace lost and damaged pagers than cell phones.

Government Employees... High Security buildings prohibit devices with transmitters such as cell phones.

Emergency Responders... In the event of a catastrophe or natural disaster, cell phone networks are the first to get overloaded and fail.  Paging networks hold up even in such devastating events such as hurricanes.

Firefighters, Police, S.W.A.T. teams for urgent notification to groups or individuals.

Car Washes, automated equipment can notify pagers when there is a system failure

ATM's...automated equipment can notify pagers when there is a system failure

I.T. personnel...When computers or programs fail, quick and reliable paging notification is a must and pagers do the job.

Alarm notification.  Automated alarms notify pagers quickly for opening, closing, emergencies, burglar, fire alarms, etc.

Transplant waiting list... Quick notification for patients waiting for vital organs

Prayer Pagers.... Patients responds positively when they know their friends and congregants are thinking about them.

Small Businesses... Quick and efficient notification for employees including Landscapers, Limousine companies, employees in poor cell phone coverage areas.

The list goes on and on... Why do you still use a pager?  Contact us with your story using the contact us link at the top of this page. 

Pagers, Paging Service, Pager Service, Paging Providers, Paging Companies, Local Paging, Regional Paging, Nationwide Paging....Where to buy a pager....Directpage

DirectPage Coupons on 


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DirectPage Customer Care Phone Center Hours are: 10am to 7pm eastern time Monday through Friday.  You may also contact DirectPage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our online support link at the top of this page. 

To help make the ordering process as simple and seamless as possible:

Please enter your name, address, city, state, zip and contact phone number exactly as your credit/debit card issuer or as paypal has your information on file or your order may be delayed, declined or canceled by our security system.

You will also need the 3 digit ccv code found on the back of your credit/debit card or the 4 digit code found on the front of American Express. If this code is incorrect, your order will be automatically declined.

Motorola Pagers featured on the DirectPage website are factory refurbished, and fully guaranteed against malfunction.  As with all DirectPage Pagers currently offered....They also come with the DirectPage maintenance plan which will repair or replace a malfunctioning pager (not due to physical or liquid damage) free of charge as long as the pager remains in service and the account is current with DirectPage.   Most Motorola pagers look Brand New, however some models such as the Motorola LS750 may have slight cosmetic differences than the images pictured on our site that will in no way interfere with the operation or reception of the pagers.  If you are looking for Brand New pagers, please consider the Apollo, Daviscomms, Sun Telecom and Unication lineup of pagers also featured on our site.

Why doesn't DirectPage sell Brand New Motorola Pagers?  Motorola has not manufactured the pagers featured on our site for over 13 years.  Other paging companies offering Motorola pagers are also selling refurbished product although they may not mention it on their websites or literature.